How to: Organize and Store Important Documents

How many times have you needed a specific paper in a pinch (like when you’re  getting a driver’s license) and end up tearing your house apart finding it? Then this post is for you!

This isn’t really about paperwork that you consistently work with like your bills, it’s about warranties and other important documents used as proof of validity and things like that. Here’s a guide to making your important documents easy to find and well protected.

When organizing your paperwork, it’s important to label and keep them in chronological order.

  • Keep in mind that these are papers that you aren’t usually rifling through, so you’re just updating as more papers come along. This means you can store this in a place where you won’t be reaching for it on a regular basis.
  • I keep my paperwork in subject appointed folders. Then I keep them clipped together in chronological order and labeled with a title and the relevant years. All of my folders are in a 3” 3 ring binder. It’s pretty simple.
  • Highlight any important information like dates, amounts, or specifications. Seriously. It makes life easier.
  • It’s good to keep a sheet handy in the central hub of the space. If you’re working on household paperwork, the central hub may be the dining room or the kitchen, for example. Keep readily needed papers like important numbers and other emergency information.
  • If you have especially valuable items like jewelry, be sure to take pictures of the items to keep with its paperwork. This helps to provide proof of the item’s existence and condition should their be any damage or theft.
  • Scan all of your paperwork and pictures and put into pdf files. Be sure to store this on an off site source whether it’s an external hard drive, jump drive, or a protected online source. This protects your information from being lost forever in a fire or other situation.
  • To reiterate: Every space should have emergency contacts in their central hub. You never know when you’ll need them!
  • Keep your appliance paperwork in the room it’s stored. Set it in a cupboard or other place where it’s out of the way but easy to find. I suggest a folder or three ring binder to store and protect the papers. When/if you have a problem with the appliance, it makes it that much easier to find the warranties and other information.

Try it out and see how it works for you. Hopefully you’ll feel relieved knowing that you have everything in order and backed up so everything is well protected. Have a Good one, Fellas!


Anal Retentive Tip: Clear Nail Polish

We all know what time it is: Anal Retentive Tip Time!

Here are some ways to prevent annoying happenstances with just a dab of clear nail polish:

  • Seal bottoms of metal cans to prevent rust rings
  • Prevent a run in panty hose from growing
  • Seal a screw into place (ex. Glasses)
  • Seal envelopes
  • Secure buttons
  • Prevent ribbon frays

That’s it! Simple, cheap, and a great way to solve stress inducing problems!

Have a great day, fellas.


Grand Organizing!

    Hello! This is in its infancy, obviously. I’m currently working on some main pages and hoping to get people wanting to (and actually doing) some sharing of their own tips, techniques and before/afters of organizing, their experiences during the process, and how it made their life easier. So show me just how anal retentive you truly are! Tag your posts with “overtly organized” so I can reblog them! Don’t be afraid to fill my inbox with questions/opinions/tips/etc.!

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